Really? Really? Windows Phone to Eradicate Phone Obsession?


Hmm. How exactly does a commercial showing how obsessed we've all become with our phones supposed to convince us that yet another phone is going to change that obsession? It's not but that's the road Microsoft took with its new campaign for the Windows Phone.

For some strange reason, Microsoft thinks its phone is going to somehow dramatically change ho people use their phones. They are wrong. Here's why:

1. No matter what OS a phone has, it still takes one's attention to operate it.

2. Oblivious assholes who insist on texting while walking/driving/riding are still going to text no matter what phone they have.

3. Inconsiderate assholes who talk loudly in quite places are still going to talk loudly in quiet places no matter what phone they have.

4. Even when phones are embedded in our heads, we'll still need to divert a bit of attention away from whatever it is we are doing to focus on the phone. just like when we are lost in thought in the middle of that boring client meeting and we're caught off guard when the client turns to you and asks, "What do you think?" Of course, you have no idea becasue you didin't hear him because you mind was elsewhere.

Phones take mental attention to operate. And there are only so many ways our mantal capacity can be split into chunks of mult-tasking before we become the oblivious assholes in these Windows 7 commercials.

Nice try. Funny. But a big fail in our mind.

by Steve Hall    Oct-11-10   Click to Comment   
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