Schmedlines Collects New Taglines For Chevy


Following the industry-wide Obsession of the Week Gap logo debacle, this week Schmedlines, a site which collects news, asks people to rewrite the headlines and then vote on them, is asking its visitors to submit a new tagline for Chevy. As you may be aware, the new tagline (oops, sorry, they don't like it referred to as such), Chevy Runs Deep, hasn't exactly been met with accolades.

So Schmedlines has taken matters into their own hands, turning to they're audience to help Chevy out of the Deep crevice it's Run into. Most of the submissions are equally as bad as the one they are trying to replace but a few caught our attention:

-Like A Crock
-The Heartbreak of AMerica
-Chevy, Re-Organized and Ready!

If you've got suggestions, and we know you do, head over to Schmedlines and submit yours. God knows anything will be better than Chevy Runs Deep.

Awful as that tagline is, it's a fair bet GM isn't going to place its tail between its legs, bend over and allow social media's mob mentality to dictate a change like Gap allowed.

by Steve Hall    Oct-28-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands