Streakers Pimp Briefs, Politician Gets Clean, Naomi Campbell Sexes Up


- Sports briefs company Bjorn Borg hired two women wearing only shorts and pasties and had them interupt a men's field hockey game by throwing packages of the briefs all over the field.

- Not all politicians are dirty.

- Naomi Capbell splays herself all over vehicle and gas pump for Dennis Basso's Autumn/Winter ad campaign.

- Lawyer helps home owners fight increased property taxes. Hmm. One wonders if the legal fee would just equate to the adjustment negating the whole effort in the first place.

- Carl's Jr. murders Ronald McDonald in Russia.

- Yawn. Yet another flash mob. This one's from T-mobile and it took place at Heathrow airport.

- Yeo Valley milk gets all rappy and racks up over 500,000 YouTube views since its debut. Rap in an English accent? There's something really stuffy about that:)

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by Steve Hall    Oct-27-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Guerilla, Political