Two Go Daddy Girls to Titillate During Super Bowl


Ever since busty Candice Michelle's tank top almost fell off in front of a "broadcast censorship committee" in a Super Bowl commercial several years ago, domain name registrar Go Daddy has milked it for all it's worth. With Go Daddy Girl after Go Daddy Girl, the brand has strictly adhered to the salaciousness sells approach to advertising.

From Vanessa Rousso to Ella Koon to Erin Kalin to Danica Patrick, to newcomer Jillian Michaels, Go Daddy isn't shy about serving up sex despite it being derided year after year for its crass approach to advertising.

Go Daddy CEO calls his approach to advertising GoDaddy-esque which he labels as "edgy, fun and slightly inappropriate."

In this year's Super Bowl broadcast, the company's 7th consecutive year, Go Daddy will air three commercials; two during the game and one in pre-game. Each of the commercials, produced in-house by Go Daddy productions, will feature both Danica Patrick and newcomer Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser.

Of the pair, Parson's said, "Jillian has the power ... Danica has the speed! Together, our dynamic duo of Go Daddy Girls add up to sheer Super Bowl magic. Hopefully the FOX network won't keep commercial creativity on such a short leash this time around. For 2011, Go Daddy is going to be as edgy as ever -- in fact, our goal is to 'out Go Daddy' ourselves!"

Right, Bob. We can tell you right now, despite the hotness quotient of Patrick and Michaels, you're commercials are gonna suck. They always have and they always will. Of course, that doesn't mean millions of us won't clamor around the screen to see these two beauties coo at us about how easy it is to get a website up and running with GoDaddy. Yup. The beer and pretzels will be set down and our eyes will be glued to the television set as the sexy duo do whatever it is you have in store for them this year.

Frankly, we preferred Patrick when she spread her legs in front of a car for photographer George Holz but everyone moves on.

Over the years, Parsons has battled with censorship. Year after year, the brand's commercials have been subjected to scrutiny by the networks. In 2005, Go Daddy purchased two commercial during the Super Bowl. After the first commercial ran, FOX didn't like what it saw and yanked the second one before it could air in its scheduled time slot later in the game.

Patrick thinks all the uproar over censorship is ruined by a bunch of namby pamby jackwagons - to quote another commercial - and everyone should calm down. "Censors really need to lighten up! Aren't Super Bowl commercials supposed to be about having a little fun?!"

Yes, they are, Danica. Yes, they are. So here we are in 2011 and Go Daddy is still going strong. No doubt Go Daddy will push the censorship envelope again this year. No doubt Parsons will issue press releases filled with bravura and rhetoric about how his brand is the biggest and the best. No doubt the commercials will, once again, suck. And no doubt millions of us will be anxiously glued our screens to see just how much flesh Parsons can expose for us this year.

by Steve Hall    Oct-31-10   Click to Comment   
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