Zombies Take Over Major Cities to Promote AMC's Walking Dead


Yesterday, an army of zombies appeared near Madison Square Garden and other parts of New York City. Covered in blood and looking every bit as dead as a zombie should, the army wandered about as part of a promotion for AMC's upcoming series The Walking Dead.

The zombies also appeared in 26 other cities around the world including Washington DC, LA, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Taipei as part of the promotion.

At one point, the zombies began to crawl over a taxi. But taxi driver David Pollack played along with the stunt and pretended to escape from the undead slipping out the back seat of his cab. Of the little role play, Pollack said, "I'm a tough New Yorker, but I don't mess with zombies."

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla