Cosmetic Surgeon Says 'Boob Job' Won't Increase Bust Size


London Clinic cosmetic surgeon Dalia Nield is facing possible libel charges after publicly doubting Rodial Limited's claims its Boob Job cream can increase breast size up to 8.4 percent. In Daily Mail article, Nield questioned the company's advertising claims saying it was "highly unlikely" the cream would affect a woman's breast size.

Supporting her statement, Nield also said, 'Similar products have not worked in the past. The manufacturers are not giving us any information on tests they have carried out. They are not telling us the exact ingredients in the product and how they increase the size of the breast."

Countering Nield's doubts, a Rodial spokesperson said, "We are extremely proud of the Boob Job. It will revolutionize thousands of women's lives. We wanted to offer every woman a fast and safe alternative to expensive and painful breast enlargement surgery. A small, disproportional bust can deeply affect a woman's confidence, especially now when larger breasts are the height of fashion, but with the Boob Job at home treatment you can discreetly but dramatically increase your bust size by two and half centimeters."

And so there you have it. Another doctor disputing a marketer's claims. Then again, Nield may simply be protecting her own cosmetic surgery business. After all, if a woman can buy a cream, rub it on her breasts and magically increase her breast size, there's bound to be some pain felt buy cosmetic surgeons.

by Steve Hall    Nov-11-10   Click to Comment   
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