Freelancers: Get Paid On Time With the Crying Invoice


Well here's a problem we can all identify with: getting paid on time. These days, it seems the only reliable method of income is a directly deposited paycheck. But for those of us who rely on invoicing to get paid, well, reliable just isn't a word that comes to mind.

What does come to mind is your invoice buried in a pile two feet high on the desk of some accounting person who could care less who gets paid when as long as it fits withing their predetermined process of moving that stack from one side of their desk to the other.

And God Forbid if if the invoice doesn't match the estimate. Then you're in a kind of Hell that's far worse than your invoice getting lost in a stack of papers.

While Duval Guillaume's work for can't help you with the accuracy of your invoices, they can help insure your invoice gets attention in that stack of papers the accounting person's desk.

Their solution: The Crying Invoice. Yes, an invoice that cries. And we all know the sound of a crying baby commands immediate attention. It might even get your invoice paid. If only to silence the annoyance of crying baby sounds.

Check out this video detailing the brilliance of this solution.

by Steve Hall    Nov-30-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Tools