GM Falls Down, Gets Up, Thanks Us For Helping


The knock out. The flame out. The crash. We all fall down. That's the primary message from GM in this Goodby, Silverstein & Partners-created commercial which ran in select markets over the Thanksgiving holiday. In the ad we see failure, dejection and sadness. But, we also see rebirth, rejuvenation and success.

GM did, indeed, fall down. They fell hard. And they needed help to get back up. And they took it. But they aren't without appreciation for the help we all gave them (yes, it was our money the government gave them) and they show their gratitude for our help in this commercial.

In a heartfelt manner that isn't to heavy-handed, the commercial reminds us we all face failure from time to time but, with the support of friends and the will to go on, many us us live to see another day. And, GM hopes, a very profitable day.

Time will tell how GM fares in that regard but that's a topic for the financial publications. As an advertising publication, we'll confine our commentary to the creative aspects of the work which, in our opinion, illicits just the right amount of identifiable emotion to help us connect with the plight, and hopeful resurgence, of the brand.

Yes, Ford is the current poster child of American automotive success and that status is well deserved. The brand has done a stellar job rebuilding that itself and making it relevant once again. But GM is making strides too. We can't predict the future but we can posit a question. When was the last time you heard a peep from Chrysler?

by Steve Hall    Nov-30-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials