Dachis Group Aquires Powered Inc.


Yesterday, Austin-based Dachis Group announced the acquisition of Powered Inc. which recently rolled together StepChange, Drillteam and Crayon. Dachis Groups, which bills itself as the world's largest social business consultancy. The acquisition will create an international presence in ten cities across five countries with a total head count of 220 and it will make the organization the largest Facebook preferred developer.

Of the acquisition, Dachis Group Founder and CEO Jeffrey Dachis said, "There is no escaping the impact of social business affecting every facet of every company at every level. It is clear that to be truly effective, companies must be able to engage customers wherever they are, on whatever device they utilize, and in every way they can connect, communicate, and participate across the entire social engagement spectrum."

It's satisfying to hear that Dachis groups has a clear understanding social media, to be truly successful, must be integrated within a company from top to bottom and across all functional areas within the organization.

With the acquisition, Dachis Group will bring on Powered's client list which includes HP, Nike, Clorox, Frito-Lay, Ernst and Young, Toys "R" Us, T-Mobile, Kraft, H&R Block, Nestle, Toyota, Gillette, and Target.

by Steve Hall    Dec-22-10   Click to Comment   
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