La Senza's Cup Size Choir Celebrates Holiday Season


Remember music glass in elementary school? You had to learn the fundamentals of musical notes. From A to G. Octaves. And all that good stuff. Remember when you first laid eyes on a bra and realized they were sized using letters of the alphabet akin to musical notes being assigned to letters of the alphabet? Remember how you never made a correlation between the naming of musical notes and the cup size of a bra?

Yea, because no one had ever made that correlation before. But now - and it was only a matter of time - a brand has made that very correlation. That brand is La Senze and the correlation comes in the form of The Cup Size Choir.

A new video from La Senza rings in the holiday season with women ranging in cup size from A to G who, while dressed in lingerie, sing a holiday tune as they gyrate on beds. There's even an interactive version where you can click each girl to have her sing her note for you.

Writing on Work That Matter, Tom Megginson wonders to whom this ad is targeted? Clearly it's an ad that appeals to men because, well, what man doesn't enjoy watching a bevy of beauties wearing sexy lingerie writhe in bed? Or is it targeted to women illustrating that no matter what size breasts a woman has, there's a beautiful bra for her at La Senza?

One female commenter who sounds like she knows what she's talking about thinks the ad isn't helpful to either sex.

She writes, "I find the advert hard to take seriously as a woman, the cup size in relation to boob size is completely defined by the band size. A 36C would mean BIG boobs, whilst a 28C would mean significantly smaller, if not 'small' boobs. I am a 28DD/E, this does NOT mean i have a massive chest. So yeah, i think it appeals to the simplistic nature of bra-buying, i.e 'She has big boobs - must be a 34DD.' If anything, this is not gonna help guys. But i think it appeals to guys, as any woman is gonna see straight through this."

Well there you have it. Right from a woman this ad would place on the upper end of the scale but who, in her opinion, is not large breasted. Confused?

What's a poor man to do at this point. Is he supposed to get excited about a woman who wears a 28G bra or one who wears a 38D? Is it slim and stacked? Or just stacked? Go ahead. Take a moment to ponder that dilemma

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-10   Click to Comment   
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