Taylor Momsen Frolics in Lingerie For John Galliano Fragrance


How the super cute Little Jenny became the rebellious, sexed-up Taylor Momsen is a mystery we may never solve but John Galliano is happy that's the direction in which things are headed. He's tapped the 17 year old Gossip Girl to appear in a new ad campaign for his Parlez moi d'amour fragrance.

A new video, directed by Ellen von Unwerth, and a print campaign give us a very lacy Taylor Momsen who flaunts her trademark raccoon eyes as the camera slides its fingertips up and down her body. As Momsen tantalizes with her jail bait-y, lingerie-clad sexiness, we see her going over what could be a kind of Christmas list. More likely, it's lyrics to a new song she'll perform with her band, Pretty Reckless.

Speaking of music, Momsen provides the soundtrack for the video with a song called "You."

Previously, Momsen has also worked with Madonna and daughter Lourdes to promote Lourdes' Material Girl line of clothing sold at Macy's.

In a separate video, Momsen talks about what perfume means to her and how it makes her feel complete and presentable to the world.

by Steve Hall    Dec-23-10   Click to Comment   
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