Security is Hot. Ads Are Sexy. And Microsoft Has $1 Billion For You


- With GeoTrust, security never looked so hot. Or repulsive depending upon which button you click.

- The New York Daily News has put together a collection of 98 ads which feature celebrities sharing lots and lots of skin.

- Microsoft has placed it's $1 billion media business into review. May the best shark win.

- On Tuesday, January 11 at 7PM at the Museum of Modern Art, The One Show will host an event to honor the best digital work of the past decade. You can view the winners here.

- SNL funnyman Bill Hader dedicates his wry best to figuring out everything you'd ever want to know about a Volkswagen in these spots on the VW Academy channel from Deutsch LA, directed by Jake Szymanski with Caviar Los Angeles.

- The futility of one way communication.

- Vitro is out with new work for ASICS. And it's very wordy/

- Honest & Smile is using 500 USB sticks to spread messages that people can share.

- Agency Happiness Brussels is out with Gift a Stranger, an interactive website that makes it easy for people to spread the love and give gifts to strangers all over the world.

- In which a guy named Steve Hall discuss his success with Adrants on a podcast.

- Google's Eric Schmidt will be the keynote speaker at this year's IAB Annual Leadership Meeting Ecosystem 2.0 on February 27-March 1, 2011 in La Quinta, California.

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