Study Predicts Super Bowl Winners and Losers


In a study that has noting to do with the actual ads that will appear in the Super Bowl, Brand Keys predicts Groupon, Skechers, Pizza Hut, GoDaddy and Hyundai will see the highest ROI from their Super Bowl investments.

During he third week in January, the Brand Keys study queried 2,000 men and women, 18-65 who indicated they would be watching the Super Bowl this weekend about their propensity to "engage" with one of the 29 known Super Bowl advertisers.

The full list of brand equity increase or decrease can be seen below. Personally, we think the study is nothing more than a brand popularity contest which took place at a given moment in time and foretells little about how a brand's business will are following Super Bowl Sunday.

Advertiser Super Bowl ROI (%)

Anheuser-Busch Bud Light +8
Audi of America +5
Best Buy +9
BMW +7
Bridgestone +5
Careerbuilder +7
CarMax -4 -3
Chrysler -4
Coca-Cola +3
Doritos +9
E*trade -2
GM Chevrolet -0- +10
Groupon +12
HomeAway +4
Hyundai +11
Kia +7
Mars +8
Mercedez-Benz +8
Paramount Pictures +2
PepsiMax +9
Pizza Hut +10
Skechers +12
Suzuki +8
Teleflora +8
Universal Studios +2
Volkswagen +4

by Steve Hall    Jan-31-11   Click to Comment   
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