Fox Still Hot, Cassie Too Fat, Gisele Not Hot Enough


- More super hot Megan Fox offering up her bootyliciousness for Emporio Armani.

- More CK One idiocy from Calvin Klein.

- Contiki is out with a Facebook competition offering trips to Italy, the Greek Islands and New Zealand.

- And, yea, here's the Gisele Bundchen ad in which her hotness is completely ignored by her husband in favor of what's on SKY HDTV.

- Saatchi LA has launched the third round of its Toyota Sponsafier challenge, a contest that allows NASCAR fans to design their own Sprint Cup car.

MIA Films has launched "Ready for the Big Chill," an ARG that, during a period on 23 days, will tell in real time the story of Magda, a vulcanologist studying a supposedly dormant volcano in Peru that 411 years ago produced one of the most cataclysmic eruptions in history, causing extreme consequences to the climate of the entire Globe. OK, then.

- Yet another company has launched a service which promises to make radio ad buying easier.

by Steve Hall    Feb-25-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity