Ministry of Paintball Offers 85 Percent Off With Sexy Ad Campaign


Ministry of Paintball, known as the UK's biggest paintball company with over 120 indoor and outdoor paintball locations in the UK and more in Australia has taken a page out of the Sex Sells manual with an ad that places hotness front and center.

With the image of a scantily clad woman wearing a camo print bikini and black leather boots while holding some heavy paintball artillery, the double entendre headline, "It's time to play," cuts to the heart of the matter. It is, indeed, time to play. One way or another. Depending, of course, upon how you choose to interpret the ad. We're hoping the ad's just talking about shooting paintballs.

But the brand isn't just using a sexy image to sell. No. They're making an actual offer. And what seems to be a good one at that. The brand is offering 85 percent off to those who choose to engage in some play. While it's unclear whether or not customers will get to play with anyone even remotely resembling the player in the ad, we don't think anyone will complain. 85 percent off is a pretty big discount.

And don't think it went unnoticed the women in this ad has 85 percent of her clothes off. A nifty analogy if you ask us.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 8-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy