Super Bowl Predictions According to Ad Age...and Brokaw


According to Ad Age:

Almost two-thirds of Super Bowl viewers age 18-34 will be using a smartphone, while watching the game this Sunday.

- 59% will be sending emails or texts about the game.
- 18% will be checking out ads online from their phones.
- 18% will visit advertiser websites--including this infamous one.
- 32% will be posting comments about the game or the ads on a social network.

According to Cleveland-based ad agency Brokaw:

- 6% will make an inappropriate Ben Roethlisberger joke in front of mixed company.
- 45% will avoid that "mystery dip" by saying they're "stuffed," then secretly double-fist Cool Ranch in the corner.
- 21% will make small talk about the blizzard in Chicago to fill the uncomfortable silence following the new Go Daddy spot.
- 37% will be surprised and somewhat saddened to learn that another aging rock band isn't performing at this year's halftime show.

And there you have it.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2011