Drunk Valet Delivers Drink Responsibly Message


You know, this is actually an effective "ad." It does three things. It makes you keenly aware of an issue. It does so with personalized one to one accuracy. And it delivers the perfect "Aha!" moment.

Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz hired a valet, told him to act drunk while taking people's cars to park. Shenanigans ensue. People freak out. But when the valet finally relents allowing the person to park their own car, he hands them a ticket which reads, "Never let a drunk driver take your car. Even if that driver is you." Which, of course, is a powerful reminder for a person to drink responsibly just as they are about to enter a bar...and drink.

Genius, really.

by Steve Hall    Apr-21-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla