The Naked Truth of Sex Trafficking Revealed


Calling attention to a certain form of tourism in Ukraine that the country isn't all too pleased is popular within its borders, non-profit group Femen has launched Do You Want Me, a website on which visitors can dig into the seedy side of the country's sex trade.

The site aims to call attention to the notion paying for sex creates a form of slavery. Similar efforts to fight the proliferation of the sex trade have been done by Amnesty International (here, here and here), by Stop the Traffik in London, by The Salvation Army in South Africa and by the Helen Bamber Foundation.

These efforts call attention to a very real but seemingly well hidden problem that it present in just about every country the world over. Will these campaigns stop sex trafficking? That's akin to asking will people ever stop wanting to have sex. Sadly, if a certain category of people can't get it through normal means, they're going to seek it elsewhere. And as long as people are seeking, there will always be those ready to provide.

And because of that, there will always be campaigns pleading for the end of sex trafficking. Sadly, unless a "certain category of people" are castrated, sex trafficking will never end.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-11   Click to Comment   
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