Foster Parents Turn Child's Upside Down World Right Side Up


Did you know that foster parents rock? According to this new PSA from SERVE Marketing for Adoption Resources of Wisconsin's Foster Care Awareness Month foster parents can also rock a child's life by giving them a safe place to live.

The :60 examines the day in the life of a boy whose life is upside down because of the uncertainty in it. Of course, the spot has a happy ending with the by coming home to a loving foster family.

The campaign, called Turn Your Life Around, began in early April with 48 billboards donated by Outdoor Advertising Association of Wisconsin placed in key markets throughout Wisconsin showing an adult and child upside down with no copy. The next tactic was launched on April 20 with requests spreading throughout Facebook for users to flip their profile picture upside down, followed by the "reveal" to the billboards on May 2, where families were shown right-side-up and the copy "Turn a Life Around."

by Steve Hall    May-10-11   Click to Comment   
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