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If you're interested in following what's going on during Internet Week this week, you'll want to be sure to visit Yahoo! Scene. Adrants has teamed with Yahoo! and its agency, Cake Group, for coverage of the conference and yours truly is editing the whole thing. We aim to make it the most complete coverage of the event we possible can.

Today's coverage includes a keynote from New York Senator Charles Schumer who believes New York can and will be the nation's tech center. he even went so far as to say the city will knock Silicon Valley from its pedestal. We'll have plenty of time to see if that comes true as Schumer has earmarked a distant 2035 for that leadership position to cement itself.

You can also read about how a charity used social media to raise $450,000 in 30 days, check out a very cool exhibit Digital Archeology exhibit that highlighted 28 websites from yesteryear, discover how and why Facebook is King of the Share and realize how the social graph doesn't have to be as complicated as some think.

Additionally, you can check out Geek Chic, mini-commentary of Internet Week fashion, what other media are saying about Internet Week, what hot party Mayor Bloomberg is hosting and where you can see the Kardashian sisters do what they do best. What that is we will leave to your interpretation.

Oh and there's also a flickr feed of visual geekery.

So bookmark/follow/read/retweet,share/like/etc. Yahoo! Scene. You won't be disappointed.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 6-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Announcements, Industry Events, Publishing