Besting Cleavage, Cats Improve Facebook Ad Response 78 Percent


Last summer during Affiliate Summit in New York during a session given by Jeremy Shoemaker we learned Facebook ads that feature boobs and cleavage improve response rates by 61 percent. While we weren't at all surprised at that finding, we are very surprised at this latest Facebook ad response finding from Red Square Agency.

The agency ran several ads on Facebook touting the usual stuff agencies do. Then, as an experiment, they ran an ad that featured a cat named Cous Cous. The ad read, "This ad features a cat. It has nothing to do with Red Square Agency, but we hope you'll click on it anyway." People did. 78 percent more than they did the "regular"ads.

As the agency concepted the ads, they felt the need for a "control" ad. Hence the birth of Cous Cous. Born mostly as a joke and as a poke at the silliness of social media, Cous Cous turned out to do quite well for the agency.

There you have it. People care more about cute cats then they do cavernous cleavage. As to whether or not combining cats with cleavage would even further improve ad response rates, we know not. But we do like the result of that combination used by Dim Lingerie.

by Steve Hall    Jul-19-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Research, Social