Drew Does Needless Mark Up, G+ Gets Mocked


- Drew Barrymore will front a new campaign for Nieman Marcus.

- David Hasselhoff is making jokes with the Air New Zealand puppet.

- Campbell Mithun wants you to know they've employed the apparently never before used "flicker" effect in a new commercial for Famous Footwear.

- Vogue will top the fashion category this September with 584 ad pages.

- Royal Caribbean has placed its media account into review.

- Here's a really lame video extolling the virtues of G+

- Reggie Watts gives up the love for Nando's.

- Lose your license and you're screwed.

- Check out this semi-NSFW ad (it's animated) for AIDES called Sexy Fingers.

- Yet another gross out approach to getting you to quite smoking.

by Steve Hall    Jul-22-11   Click to Comment   
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