Russian Women Disrobe in Support of Putin Presidency


Last week, a video was floated to YouTube that hypes an army of Russian women willing to tear off their clothes in support of Vladamir Putin running for the Russian presidency. While Putin, who has already served two terms, hasn't declared he's running, that hasn't stopped these women, referred to as Putin's Army, from asking other women to post their own videos of themselves tearing off their clothes. Reportedly, the best tearing video will win the woman an iPad2. Some reports claim women are also being urged to kill something or someone to win the contest.

Currently, there are over 800 women in Putin's Army which lives on popular Russian social networking site Vkontakte. A translated portion of a statement from Putin's Army reads, "We are united in our view of Putin as a worthy and fair politician and a gorgeous man!"

As political campaigns go, this is a bit whacked. Then again, this isn't America we're talking about. This is Russia and they tend to do things a bit differently. Hopefully no one actually gets killed along the way and all the campaign amounts to is a bunch of Obama Girl-like woman stripping for the cause.

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-11   Click to Comment   
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