Summer's Eve Says The Vagina is the Center of Civilization


In a decision to focus on the fact women 18-34 go to the movies a lot during summer - as opposed to the supposed fact a cleaner, fresher smelling vagina will improve their chances of getting hired - Summer's Eve, with help from The Richards Group, is out with a new campaign that celebrates the vagina.

A new TV spot which will also show in National CineMedia's FirstLook movie theaters entitled "The V" stars Cleopatra and other female heroines gets all epic and basically comes to the conclusion the human race would be nowhere without the vagina so we had best take care of it, preferably with Summer's Eve products.

Of the shift away from the typical approach to selling feminine hygiene products which include featuring women in white pants frolicking freely in fields of blowing grass and flowers, Summer's Eve Director of U.S. Marketing Angela Bryant said, "The whole category has been talking to women the same way since feminine hygiene products have been in the marketplace, and ironically, many media outlets won't even allow the use of the word vagina in advertising. We are way past-due for a change. Hearing from women on our listening tour last year cemented that now is the time. This campaign is about empowerment, changing the way women may think of the brand, and removing longstanding stigmas: Summer's Eve is not a means to confidence, rather it's a celebration of confidence, of being a woman, and taking care of their bodies."

The television spot is supported by print and a humorous online video entitled, with no small nod to the relationship between kitty and vagina, That's Vaginal. It stars a cat who proceeds to give a presentation on why the vagina isn't something that should be censored of shied away from and why we should appreciate life's major accomplishments as "vaginal" because without the vagina there would have been no one around to create these wonders of life.

It's a refreshingly twisted approach to the category and. in out opinion, a welcome one. After all, just how many more flowing white flower commercials can we really stand before we toss the entire category into the trash can with the likes of automotive's Winding Mountain Road and DTC pharmaceutical's "life is wonderful even though we're telling you how many ways our pills can kill you" commercials?

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Creative Commentary