VW Canada Promotes New Jetta With 'Stolen' Paintings


We love this new VW Canada work from Red Urban and Untitled Films. Beginning in October, pop-up "Performance Art" galleries began to appear in major cities across Canada. The outdoor exhibits featured limited edition, hand-numbered, framed, long-exposure light painting photographs created by the new Jetta GLI. While the frames have been hung for all to admire, they weren't secured allowing some passeresby to claim the artwork for themselves. The "thieves" are being asked to share their steals on Volkswagen Canada's Facebook page which has already received numerous photos from fans decorating homes and offices with their stolen goods.

Whether or not you feel this campaign promoted thievery is your prerogative. We, however, think it's a wonderful way for a brand to give and get all at the same time. give a little art to the general public and get some free publicity in return. Win win.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla