Samsung Previews Galaxy S II Super Bowl Ad


We agree with David Gianatasio's assessment of the latest Samsung Galaxy S II commercial. You've seen the campaign before. It's the one in which eager iPhone fanatics line up for the next greatest thing while happy Samsung Galaxy S II owners mock the fanatics by explaining their phone already has all the features iPhone fanatics are waiting for.

The first outing was funny. Even the second was mildly amusing. This third outing, not so much. Created by 72andsunny, the spot is a teaser for what will be the product's debut during the Super Bowl.

It all feels like one of those situations where the shark has been jumped or the joke has been told one too many times. Not to mention, as Gianatasio mentions, it's a hell of a lot of free publicity for Apple - even if it is the condescending kind.

While the iPhone may still be the geek set's phone du jour, it can easily be argued it's certainly not the most technologically advanced.

by Steve Hall    Jan-23-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2012