Condom Brand Helps Singaporeans Have More Sex


Apparently they have a lot of sex in Singapore. They do it in cars. They do it in bars. They like to hide out and hook up. But they definitely don't like to talk about it. Taking advantage of this hush hush approach to sex, Okomoto Condoms, with help from TBWA\Tequila has launched the Okamoto Freedom Project, an effort to make it easier for Singaporeans to have more sex without getting caught.

The project includes everything from Urban Camouflage which makes a car look empty so you can do it inside without being seen. And an app that transmits a picture from one phone to another that will set off an alarm if your parents walk in the front door (no, the campaign isn't advocating underaged sex. A high percentage of Singapoerans live with their parents up until age 30).

Hmm. Advocating sex. Would never work in America.

by Steve Hall    Feb-22-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns