How Brands Integrated Social, Mobile, Web Into Super Bowl Ads


Altimeter analyzed this year's Super Bowl ads and uncovered five cross channel integration trends among brands in this year's game. The trends include:

1) Brands Heavily Invested in Promoting Traditional Websites
2) Surprisingly, Many Did Not Promote a Call-To-Action
3) Only a Sixth of Ads Explicitly Promoted Social Media
4) Hashtag Marketing Emerged to Stimulate Continual Engagement
5) Cutting Edge Marketers Teased with New Marketing Tactics, including Shazam

Altimeter found 57% (charts below) of Super Bowl ads linked to a website or a microsite but only 16% included social media links such as hashtags, Facebook or Twitter links. Eleven percent employed "emerging media technology" links such as Shazam, text messaging, mobile apps and QR codes. Conversely, 32% did not link to any online resource at all.

Just 1/6th of the ads explicitly promoted social media links. Six ads employed hashtags and just two brands promoted their Twitter accounts.

Eleven percent of ads used newer marketing tactics. Three ads promoted applications, three promoted SMS integration and GoDaddy used a QR code.

You can read Altimeter's full analysis here.



by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research, Super Bowl 2012