The Oscars: Brought to You by Kate Upton's Cleavage and J. Lo's Nipple


So the Oscars happened last night. And, yes, Twitter was twitter about the event. From Angelina Jolie's right leg to Billy Crystal's performance to the annoying sound quality to J. Lo's nipple, there was much to talk about last night other than the actual awards.

And while Twitter was abuzz, we think the New York Times offered up the most complete minute-by-minute coverage of the event. The Times' The Carpetbagger gave us up to the second commentary complete with images from the stage, aggregated tweets, a tally of who had the best predictions and an immediately updated list of the winners. Oh and lets not forget the video segments with A.O. Scott and David Carr which aired live on the site during the broadcast's commercial breaks. All in all, great Oscar coverage.

In terms of Twitter action, hilarity ensued when @AngiesRightLeg was created following Angelina Jolie's seemingly forced stance during her time on stage. Everyone loved her leg but everyone was concerned over her rail thin arms. Eat a cookie tweets ensued. Within half an hour the account had about 1,500 followers. This morning, it has 10,320. As @paperhaus said, "Sure, Meryl has a pile of Oscars. But is her right leg on Twitter?"

In reaction to the sub-standard audio quality during portions of the broadcast, we were treated to @oscarsaudioguy which led to some humor about the situation. And @jeffjarvis's frustration over *not* being able to hear the audio malfunction because of a hearing issue he has. Perhaps he really was the lucky one in all of this.

And in response to Jennifer Lopez' near wardrobe malfunction (a barely exposed areola) we were treated to @JLosNipple who tweeted "you know you prefer a nip over a leg" and "The leg had much more airtime....I was stunted by network TV. Curse you Janet Jackson!" Not so many followers though. Only 1,748 as of this morning.

And who can forget @armano's tweets which, having absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Oscars, stuck out like a sore thumb? We suppose retweeting Ad Age and Mashable articles is a noble thing to do giving what the man does for a living but it was all so jarringly out of synch it seems like some kind of anti-Oscars protest. Of course it wasn't as Armano acknowledged in an early evening tweet, "Will I be the only person not watching the Academy Awards tonight?"

As someone on Twitter said last night, Twitter really has become the nation's living room. It was all very amusing and made the broadcast all that much more enjoyable to watch...even though no one has ever seen the movie that actually won.

Oh, we almost forgot. Kate Upton's cleavage. In what some called an Oscar-worthy performance, current "it girl" Kate Upton delivered a tantalizing presentation of her pulchritudinous massiveness. With her bottomless cleavage and barely covered bottom, Upton writhed in ecstasy as she she consumed 890 calories worth of Carl's Jr.'s meat. It was a sweaty hot mess. We expect the usual "objectification of women" outcries that so often accompany these displays of feminine heat.

How was your Oscar experience? What were your favorite moments? Let us know in comments.

by Steve Hall    Feb-26-12   Click to Comment   
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