Air Freshener Campaign Gets Adrants Interns All Hot And Bothered


We should probably conduct a study to confirm this but we feel quite confident in stating the use of hot women to sell products to men (or women) far outweighs the use of hot men to sell products to women (or men). So we were pleased to find this Red Tettemer + Partners-created air freshener campaign that uses scantily clad men to hype its product. But we weren';t the only ones. You should have seen how our interns reacted.

Their pleated plaid miniskirts (doesn't everyone have a dress code for their interns?) where all a flutter over the buff men in this campaign and they squealed like a cheerleading squad watching the football team take the field. Yes, this campaign is eye candy for the ladies turning our bevy of beautiful interns into a collective puddle of lurid lustfulness.





by Steve Hall    Mar- 5-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy