Fifteen Worldwide Social Media Stats For Marketers


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In a presentation given at OMMA Social during Internet Week, comScore Media Evangelist Eli Goodman rattled off a plethora of juicy social media facts and figures. Here are but a few for you to digest.

- 1.2 billion people access social networks on their computers.
- One of every five minutes spent online is on a sial network.
- 1/3 of social network users are located in Asia Pacific.
- Five of the most engaged markets for social networking are in Latin America.

- Facebook has 55% global penetration. It is the third ranked site in the world for traffic.
- One in seven minutes online are spent on Facebook.
- Three in Four al all social media time spent online is on Facebook.
- There are only five markets in the world where Facebook isn't the ledading social network.
- In January 2012, Facebook surpassed Orkut in number of users in Brazil.
- Males over 55 are the fastest growing segment of social media users.
- Women spend more time on social networks but men are catching up.
- Digital Natives (15-24) sa largest decline in email and IM usage.
- One in four display ads are on social sites.
- Five percent of all U.S. display ads are socially enabled.
- Google Plus is the fastest growing social network reaching 25 million users in one month.

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