'Vinyl Throw' Video Promotes Music App


Along the lines of the Ray Ban viral videos, social music app Music Bunk uploaded a video entitled Vinyl Throw last week which features several friends tossing records onto a turntable. Much like the Ray Ban videos, the records land perfectly on the turntable. The video has earned almost 500,000 views in it's first week with no paid distribution.

MusicBunk lets you see playlists created by friends and the songs they're listening to, and allows them to post comments, send them to Facebook and Twitter, and check out new music straight from the app.
For the last week, the video story has remained unbranded. With a hint in the title and subtle logo placement in the video, we've left a cookie trail to MusicBunk.

The video was created and produced by Conscious Minds. Conscious Minds recruited a group of their own friends to be the stars of the video instead of hiring actors. Filmed over two days at different locations around LA, Michael Johnson, Michael Wofford, Reef Colman, and Tony Jien spent hours throwing 400+ records until they got it right.

by Steve Hall    May-21-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Video, Viral