'Death Nuns' Urge Romanians Not to Drive Drunk


This goes to prove there's no end to the potential methods a don't drink and drive organization can convince people to, well, don't drink and drive. This one, from the Romanian Police, convinces late night revelers to use caution by freaking them out with a visit from death.

Well, not actual death but a representation of death in the form of Bocitoare, professional funeral criers who morn the dead. These Bocitoare were sent into the night to approach patrons leaving bars and chant a song about death.

Apart from causing a huge WTF among those the Bocitare approached, the campaign also included the placement of funeral towels (a Romanian custom) affixed to vehicles parked near bars with the message, Drinking could drive you on your last journey."

Creative as this campaign is, one has to wonder just how effective anything is when directed at a drunk person. For all we know, the drunkard may wake up in the morning having memories of a twisted dream in which he was visited by his grandmother's friends who serenaded him on his purchase of a new set of bathroom towels.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-12   Click to Comment   
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