Girls Told Becoming Eye Candy Less Important Than Playing Sports


Here's a powerful message from TBWA/ChiatDay LA, Gatorade and the Women's Sports Foundation that aims to curb the number of girls that drop out of sports by age 14 due to societal pressures to become more feminine.

In addition to the video, a big part of the campaign was the social media component. Over the weekend, thousands of women changed their social media profile pictures
to photos of them as a 14 year old athlete... with the line "If I walked away then I wouldn't be here now."

Profesional female athletes like Billy Jean King, Serena Williams, Hope Solo and Abby Wambach all participaed in the campaign and changed their Facebook profile pictures.

One less than witty YouTube commenter said, So its come to this? We need´╗┐ anti-slut campaigns on TV now?

To which we responded, "It's not about girls becoming sluts. They aren't. It's about girls relinquishing themselves to societal pressures that say they have to be feminine and sexy and have a flat stomach and be concerned with what guys think and learn how to get a guy and to how, well, to be that stereotypical image of a woman whose sole´╗┐ function in life is to be eye candy for men. It's wrong. And that's what this ad is calling attention to."

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-12   Click to Comment   
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