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Each day we'll bring you a little bit of Cannes. On Sunday, the festival kicked off with a talk by Cindy Gallop who spoke frankly about sex, her work with Make Love Not Porn And her desire for sex to be socialized in a way that makes it less than taboo, completely acceptable and for it not to be tarniches by the exaggerations of the porn world.

In her talk Cindy also noted that just three percent of all creative directors in the United States are female, something that really needs to change fast.

Sunday Bites From Cannes Lions 2012

Just a little roundup of what's happening in Cannes today.

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And so it begins...
Cannes Lions 2012 with Microsoft AdvertisingMicrosoft Advertising
Drinking already
#cannes #3,14 #carltonsiqueiram
The first shortlists are out for Direct and Promo & Activation #CannesLionsCannes Lions
Elephants, Lions, Gorillas, and Chameleons.. Oh my! #ideasafari #canneslions Schuster
We are not in the ad Business. We are in the Business of Making things relevant. #ddb #CannesLionsAmir Kassaei
thenetworkone independent agency showcase. #CannesLions Canıberk
'Make people think what a great product, not what a great ad' - @davetrott Paul Fishlock on #canneslions @mumbrella Gallop
I'm a gorilla. Tweet pic of you as elephant, lion, gorilla, chameleon to win 100 Euros. #ideasafari #canneslions #360i P B Gibson
The question used to be "Who's at Cannes and why?" The question this year is "Who's not at Cannes and why?" #canneslionsJulie Thompson
George St-Pierre at #CannesLions talking on his digital reputation. Has a 10x better engagement rate than most celebs! Hepburn
Cindy Gallop started makelovenotPorn because youth confuse porn content with real sex and run into problems. #canneslionsAlemsah Ozturk
The World's Most Creative Minds Are Gathering: Cannes Lions 2012 Trailercanneslions
@Cindy Gallop wants to socialise sex, to make is sociallly shareable goes makelovenotporn TV!!! #great #inventfutureAngie
"OgilvyCT: .@ididthatad wearing her visor from the YouTube claw machine #CannesLions"All about Ogilvy
The new creativity is data informed - Cindy Gallop absolutely incredible. Fantastic session. #textappeal #CannesLionsdandutesco
We're kind of a big deal... #hyperisland #himc #canneslions #cannesJaclyn Ciamillo
Socil media stories are about be authentic, be relevant and bring brand DNA. #CannesLions Arzabe
Independent agencies starting their own networks shows itself as the most significant development in 2012 #CannesLions #thenetworkonePristop
And there simply must be shopping...
By@siqueiram #canneslions #dantibes #fashion #summer #cotedazuranasperanza
It's a Bob Greenberg of @rga sighting. Só fera!!!!! (via @caldeiragui) #ditlcannes #CannesLions Week
And we are on stage #canneslions #sidlee @GeorgesStPierre LEE
It would be awesome if I could be at #CannesLions but #Twitter is doing it's job. Live #feedback from #participants trough Twitter is nice.Marii Eliise

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