Bar Refaeli Makes Flight Attendants Hate Their Bodies


Back in May we asked the ladies if watching Bar Refaeli frolic and writhe atop her bed, recline in a bathtub and not smoke a cigar make you want to run out and buy underwear for your man? Or does it just make your boyfriend horny and beg for a quickie?

We also wondered if watching Bar's perfection simply made women feel self-conscious about their own less-than-perfect body. Because, let's be honest, no one looks good when compared to a supermodel.

This week, after seeing Bar sporting what has to be the hottest flight attendant get up ever created, we wonder whether or not all flight attendants will become whimpering, self-conscious puddles of flotsam never again able to look at themselves in the mirror.

Perhaps we can help by directing all flight attendants' frustrations to lingerie brand Passionista which for a while has worked with Bar pimping its line of sexy underthings. This time around, Bar can be seen looking for the North lingerie, resting her bootyliciousness atop a set of lingerie, deciding upon which destination to lingerie, flaunting her mouthwatering curves to the lingerie and, yes, donning what has to be the sexiest flight attendant get up ever created...from lingerie.

It's been a good, long while since flight attendants (formerly known as stewardesses for those youngsters in the audience) where glorified as eye candy in the sky. And that's a very good thing. But be honest with yourself. You'd love to see a bevy of bodacious Bars saunter down the airplane aisle wearing nothing more than lingerie, bend over positioning their barely covered, bulging cleavage inches from your face and serve you the drink of your choice. Right?







by Steve Hall    Sep- 4-12   Click to Comment   
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