Bennetton Celebrates 15-29 Year Olds With 'Unemployee of the Year'


Reacting to an economy that left 100 million 15-29 years olds worldwide unemployed, United Colors of Bennetton has launched Unemployee of the Year, a new campaign that aims to dispel the hard to shake stigma that younger workers are lazy and that it's their own fault they don't have a job.

Created by Bennetton's own FABRICA and 72andSunny, the campaign intends to "spark a global conversation" about the plight of Millenials and enable the group to share its stories and experiences.

Of the campaign Benetton Group's Worldwide Communications Director Gianluca Pastore said, "Benetton is a brand with a point of view: today we call attention to the legacy that previous generations have left this one, and we reflect on the difficulties that people under 30 experience when trying to enter the job market. Social engagement, always a vital and distinctive characteristic of our brand, is a very current value and way of behaving. Since our first Unhate campaign, we've made a strategic decision to focus on digital media and put social engagement at the core of our communications. The site will welcome competition entrants, as well as those interested in expressing an opinion on the subject. The worldwide communications plan includes newspapers, magazines, and MTV in 35 countries."

The campiagn will consist of the website where visitors can create a profile, create an "un-work" resume submit an idea for funding which will net the best 100 ideas €5000 in funding. In addition, a yet to be launched commercial will highlight the lives of four individuals and the projects they are passionate about. And, of course, there will be a print campaign featuring several unemployees of the year.

A piece of advice though. It might help if the images on the campaign site weren't of insolent-looking, entitlement-seeking types sporting a "fuck you, I'm better than you" grin of self-importance. Just saying.

by Steve Hall    Sep-18-12   Click to Comment   
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