Comedian Asks For Hereditary Breast Cancer Support


Comedian Steve Hofstetter, whose birthday is today, decided to use the day for something serious. He made a video discouraging his 8 million followers from birthday wishes, instead asking for donations to a cancer org that helped his wife during a difficult time.

Eighteen months ago, Hofstetter's wife, Sara, was diagnosed with BRCA, a genetic mutation linked to breast cancer. Over the past year, Sarah underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. She has recently fully recovered and has reduced her chances of getting breast cancer from 85 percent down to two percent.

Hofstetter would like to thank the organization, FORCE, that helped him and his wife through these difficult times by asking everyone to donate one dollar for the cause. We thought having been affected by the C word ourselves (no, not that C word, dummy), we'd help spread the word as best we could.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-12   Click to Comment   
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