Exposed Nipple Causes Headache For Sears


Sears, a retailer one doesn't normally associate with racy lingerie (barring recent Kardashian Kollection insanity), found itself it a bit of hot water this week over an image in the Exotic Apparel section of its website. Seemingly missed by every designer, photographer and project manager whose eyes it had to pass before being placed online, a picture of a model wearing a purple babydoll slip from reseller Fright Depot clearly shows a nipple protruding through the mesh top.

All the usual furor one can expect from organizations like the American Family Association and others dubbed the slip up inappropriate, offensive and accused Sears of selling smut.

We're not sure when the natural beauty of a woman's nipple became smut but, hey, there will always be a collection of people out there that refuse to believe females have nipples...that actually serve a function in the perpetuation of the human race!

Anyway, the image has been pulled but not, of course, before millions of screenshots were taken preserving the moment for time immemorial.

We have to agree with one female forum commenter who wrote, "I always have to wonder why we think nudity is such a big deal. It's a breast, half the world has them."

by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12   Click to Comment   
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