Agency Flips Pitch Process, Offers $100K in Services to Most Deserving Brand


In advertising, we're all familiar with the agency pitch process whereby brands put out RFPs and agencies come knocking on the door with their best ideas. Well, one agency, Blue Collar Interactive, is flipping that process on its head with JumpStart, an effort which will offer $100,000 in agency services to the small business that demonstrates the greatest need for a marketing jump start.

That's right. $100,000 in agency services. Of the offering, Blue Coller Interactive Partner and Account Director Rob McCready said, "It has always been a goal for our agency to make connections with people who believe in hard work and have a clear vision and passion for their business. We realize that it hasn't been the easiest of economic times for business owners and entrepreneurs, so we want to help energize a passionate business that needs our help by offering $100,000 in agency services. We're looking for a unique and inspired business who offers a great product or service - a small dog with big fight."

Business owners are invited to submit the most compelling pitch explaining why their company deserves the $100,000 in-kind prize by Oct. 26, 2012 at: After the judges select five finalists, the public will vote for their favorite JumpStart business. Entrants must share their business vision, and convey their passion.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to JumpStart and make your pitch.

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-12   Click to Comment   
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