AMV BBDO Channels Peter Arnell In 'Epic' Guinness Cloud Ad


AMV BBDO has released a rather epic commercial for Guinness that features a rogue cloud that gains sentience and begins a journey from the sea to the city. On his travels, the cloud becomes witness to human life and, in the end, helps put out a fire with an on-command thunder shower.

As the Peter Thwaites-directed 1:30 pulls you in you might forget you are watching a beer commercial. But that's OK. This work goes deeper. Deeper in the same way Peter Arnell might go when, say, developing a new Pepsi logo or Tropicana packaging. Which, to be clear, is not to say the work an unmitigated disaster. Rather, it brings to light the best parts of Arnell's twisted mind and leaves the rest on the conference room table.

So just watch and enjoy. And try to ignore the epic puffery that surely dripped from the conference room walls during this ad's "ideation" sessions.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 2-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Creative Commentary