House Explodes With Audio-Visual Holiday Spectacular (Revisited)


Previously published in 2005 but worth another look every year around this time.

This has absolutely nothing to do with advertising unless, of course, this person starts stringing lights for marketers (which he ultimately we guess it does now). You have to marvel at the relentless dedication and months of preparation something like this requires.

This isn't just your average Holiday house lighting. It's a full blown light and audio spectacular. The music is Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards in Winter" and the lighting spectacular was created by Carson Williams, an electrical engineer for Cincinnati Bell Technology. Give it a watch. It's a classic. And a viral sensation.

Because of this work, Williams became a bit of an internet sensation for a while and went on to bigger and better lighting design professions.

by Steve Hall    Nov-19-12   Click to Comment   
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