Impoverished Africans Help Freezing Norwegians With Radi-Aid


Hahaha. Yet another We Are the World Spoof. Africa comes to the aid of Norway with...radiators because, well, it's freezing in Norway and frostbite kills too!

Oddly, Africans really have nothing at all to do with this bit of aid. It's the work of the Norwegian Student's and Academics' International Assistance Fund along with Operation Day's Work and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. Oh and the Norwegian Children and Youth Council. Hmm. That's a lot of Norway in a supposedly African-based aid program.

Of course the entire effort really just flips things on its head and in reality is a PSA campaign of sorts for Norwegians which calls attention to Africa and aims to change the world's view of the country. The campaign claims world view has been skewed by too many campaigns that portray the country filled only with starving children with distended bellies

The campaign urges everyone to take a deeper view of Africa and consider how western countries can have a negative impact on Africa's development. The campaign raises four main points:

1. Fundraising should not be based on exploitive stereotypes.
2. Better information is needed about what's really going on in the world.
3. Media should show respect and become more ethical in its reporting practices.
4. Aid should be based on real needs, not good intentions.

Will it work or will it just be seen as a silly spoof?

by Steve Hall    Nov-19-12   Click to Comment   
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