Car Dealer Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen Employee


This past April, we highlighted some typically twisted car dealer advertising from Cosby, Texas-based John Keating Chevrolet. The dealership is owned by Rick Melartin who, in the ads, referred to himself as The Finnisher (he's from Finland and competed in the Olympics) because he caught three robbers at gunpoint over the course of 15 years.

The ads are, indeed, strange but he was hailed locally as a hero for his neighborhood protection efforts. That, however, may no longer be the case. Melartin, 51, and his assistant, 37-year-old Maroun Koutani have been accused of plying a 16-year-old female employee, the dealership's receptionist, with alcohol and sexually fondling her in a dealership office.

Reportedly, court documents say Melartin also, on separate occasions, offered the girl $200 to see her naked, exposed himself to her and is alleged to have had sex with the girl.

In late August, according to the teen, Melartin offered the girl a Monster drink which he later admitted was spiked with alcohol. Melartin then asked the girl to come upstairs to an office, along with Koutani, because he had something to show her. It's then alleged both men fondled the girl who has since said she received $500 from from Melartin over the course of three separate incidents.

The girl's mother, who claims Melartin may have assaulted other girls, has said Melartin tried to pay the family off for their silence. But the family has hired a lawyer to press charges.

Seems The Finnisher is finished.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-13   Click to Comment   
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