Kate Upton's Mercedes Super Bowl Bowl Teaser A Giant Fail


Back in November we reported Kate Upton would play the role of "object of sesire" in a Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl commercial. Well, the teaser is out and it's the lamest piece of trash we have seen in, perhaps, forever.

In the ad, Upton, dressed extremely conservatively, is the furthest thing from an object of desire. In fact, she's hardly the focal point of the teaser.

The ad kicks off with a title card that reads, "Kate Upton Washes the New Mercedes CLA in Slow Motion." That statement is a flat out lie. Kate Upton doesn't come even close to washing the car in slow motion. What we do get to see is some slow mo love of the vehicle along with a few shots of three dumfounded guys (fully dressed, no less) washing the Mercedes while staring at Upton...who doesn't even look all that hot in this ad.

Now, we get that this isn't a Carl's Jr. ad and we get that Mercedes is unlikely to run an ad with a bikini-clad Upton slathering herself all over the hood of the Mercedes like Paris Hilton did with a Bentley in a 2005 Carl's Jr. ad. But for God's sake, could the ad's creators, Merkley + Partners, have been any more misleading?

And given that all Upton has done and what she stands for, was she really an intelligent choice as spokesperson for the brand? Whomever made this call certainly wasn't thinking of the brand's heritage.

by Steve Hall    Jan-24-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2013