Taco Bell Super Bowl Ad Celebrates Life With Fun-Seeking Oldies


It isn't even Game Day yet and, much like last year, many brands have already released their Super Bowl commercials. A few days ago, Taco Bell released a teaser, Grandpa Goes Wild, in which a grandfatherly man, Bernie Goldblatt, decides to tear it up on the gridiron with a motor scooter.

Today, the brand has released the commercial it will air during the game and it's a good one. The spot, created by Deutsch LA and directed by Biscuit Filmworks' Noam Murro, begins with Mr. Goldblatt going to bed at The Glencobrooke Retirement Home. Well, that is until the nurse leaves his room and he decides sleeping is for pussies.

Goldblatt sneaks out of the home to meet up with some fellow octogenarians for a night of shenanigans, clubbing, bathroom stall action, juvenile pranks and, yes, some late night snacking at Taco Bell all to the tune of Fun's ode to Millennials, We Are Young...in Spanish.

Of the Spanish version of the song, senior copywriter Brian Siedhand said, "We went for very literal, word-for-word, simple translations. In general, literal Spanish translations have way more syllables than in English, so it's awkward in places. In some cases we had to simplify or cut down a few words so it was singable." Siedhand's creative team used Google Translate to create the new version, Nosotros Somos Jovenes, which was ultimately recorded by Elias Music.

The work, which follows the usually-always-humorous strategy of old people doing young things, appeals to a broad demographic swath in that younger folks can chuckle at their own antics as actioned by the octogenarians. And older folks can vicariously relive their own youthful antics from back in the day.

Of the approach, Deutsch CEO Mike Sheldon said, "There's a common misconception that to appeal to Millennials you have to show Millennials. The reality is to appeal to them you simply need to entertain and engage them. We've all had an epic night out on the town followed by a trip to Taco Bell. 'Viva Young' is a surprising and fresh way to remind people of that."

In addition to Viva Young, Taco Bell will also have a 30-second ad supporting a new Steak Burrito, pat of its new Cantina Bell menu. The spot, entitled Grande Papi, will be set to the 1994 hit song entitled "Big Poppa," and will also be sung in Spanish.

In the commercial, a young father leaves his home with his infant child in his front baby carrier, headed to Taco Bell to purchase the new Cantina Bell Steak Burrito, getting favorable looks and smiles from female passersby.

In addition, the Viva Young spot will direct consumers to the brand's Facebook page to learn more about Live Mas Monday, a post-game giveaway for a free churro with any purchase on Monday, Feb. 4.


by Steve Hall    Jan-29-13   Click to Comment   
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