Infographic Summarizes Super Bowl 'Ad Brawl'


Whispr Group looked at all publicly available Tweets about the Super Bowl posted from January 25, 2012 - February 3, 2013 to determine the main drivers of Twitter traffic across several categories including: The Super Bowl, Advertisements, Brands, Commercials, and Hashtags. Here are the highlights.

• Although GoDaddy by far had the most conversations on Twitter (+43% more than the next runner up Budweiser) the brand, by far, received the lowest positive sentiment (14%).
• Calvin Klein was able to pull in nearly as many mentions as Taco Bell and Budweiser, and with only half the ad spend.
• Tide's Super Bowl commercial pulled ahead with the highest positive sentiment (86%) amongst over 41 brands evaluated.
• Calvin Klein scored the best bang for their buck in terms of dollars spent per brand mention on Twitter, averaging $24 per tweet. Chrysler performed the worst, averaging $179 per tweet.
• Oreo scored the best bang for their buck in terms of dollars spent per new Twitter follower gained, averaging $495 per new Twitter follower. Chrysler performed the worst, averaging over $14K per new follower.
• Despite Pepsi's half-time show sponsorship, Coca-Cola was able to score more buzz on Twitter (84,787 tweets).
• Six of the top ten brands had an average spend of $7.6M for 60 seconds of air time.
• Taco Bell scored high across all categories including volume of tweets, sentiment, new followers scored and social ROI.


by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-13   Click to Comment   
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