Pepsi Taunts Coke With Behind the Scenes Look at 'Coke Chase'


Pepsi versus Coke. Coke versus Pepsi. The "war" has been going on for as long as the two brands have been manufacturing their various variations of sugar water. The latest salvo come from Pepsi who brilliantly punks Coke by producing, with help from Funny or Die, a behind the scenes look at Coke's Coke Chase Super Bowl commercial.

In the punk, the actors in the Coke Chase commercial, work hard to get a Pepsi out of a vending machine. Because it's worth it. While we're not quite sure what this says about the quality and workmanship of Pepsi's vending machines, the point is clear, Pepsi one upped Coke big time here with this hilarious take.

Here's the Coke Chase ad:

And here's Pepsi's spoof:

by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2013