Club Orange's Ultimate Wingman' Eradicates Clingy Ex-Girlfriends


Ah yes. Just what we all need. The ultimate wingman. Born amongst a bevy of orange-picking beauties, this mustachioed master of wingmanliness will help you "unlock the best bits in life." Like delivering a satellite dish and a couple of hotties to an old dude and helping guys deal with clingy ex-girlfriends.

Club Orange is very well know for its use of less than fully clothed women in its ads. While this one employs the strategy, it's quite a bit more tame that the ad they ran in 2012 which was chock full of innuendo and bikini-clad babes talking about their "bits."

2012's The Best Bit in the World

by Steve Hall    May-29-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy