Nivea Magazine Insert Charges Phones at the Beach


Draftfcb Brazil developed a magazine insert with solar panels and a USB port affixed to it that could be used by beach goers in Brazil to charge their phones so they never have to leave the beach.

It's an interesting dovetail between advertising and product development that many agencies are now exploring. Granted, this was done for a brand and not standalone by an agency but it's unique in that it's more than just an ad. It's an actual product that is useful to the consumer in a way that perfectly relates to the product's sponsor.

Sun. Beach. Sunscreen. Mobile Phone. Solar charger. It all ties together quite nicely.

While many agencies do not have resident skillsets such as product designers and software architects it's a foregone conclusion agencies must make major adjustments to survive within an industry where old models centered on commission-based outbound marketing have given way to more content-focused inbound marketing approaches that are more focused on sales.

This is not to say agencies can't make the necessary adjustments to their business models to mirror the changes in the way people now consume content (pull versus push). But, in addition, it would be wise for agencies to continue to explore new methods of generating revenue (by developing products that can be sold) using the skill sets they have at hand and the skill sets they should consider bringing in house.

by Steve Hall    May-31-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Magazine